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Puppy Therapy

16 Dec

Wheatie16 Wheatie17 Wheatie11

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I feel pretty and …Wheatie and bright – 5 months

25 Nov

Wheatie – 16 weeks

14 Oct

Labrador retriever pup

Labrador retriever

Labrador puppy sleeping




7 Oct

I have received a number of sweet messages in the last few weeks, asking me if everything was all right and inquiring about my absence from this blog. I apologize for not being active lately, my schedule got a little busier than the busy it already was, because of this little fellow. One look from him and staying glued to my computer goes way down on my priorities list.

I want to thank you all for the messages and I promise to be back as soon as my little one is a little bit older and half as playful!

Playful pup

Sleeping pupOn the plane


2 Sep

yawn animals heartwarming photography

yawn animals heartwarming photography

yawn animals heartwarming photography


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